Clothing & Accessories

During the cold season, from November to April, warm clothing is needed. In the warmer season, from May to October, light clothing is needed. For all seasons, bring a jacket and warm pullover. We also recommend that you bring the following items: comfortable walking shoes, shirts, trousers and skirts, sweaters, jackets, long johns, socks, sleeping bag, dust mask, sun hat, sun glasses, suntan lotion, utility knife, flashlight, water bottle/thermos (at least one litre), wate purification tablets, toilet paper, tissurs and whatever medicine you typically use ( headache, fever, colds, stomach disorders, pain killers, etc.)

Risk & Liability

Krishna International Travels & Tours puts maximum efforts into providing you with a smooth and pleasant journey. However, all of the tours in Tibet/China are strictly run by the Tibet Tourism Authority/Chinese tour operator. Therefore, Krishna International Travels & Tours and its agents will not be held responsible for any changes or alterations in your itinerary due to reasons beyond its control such as blocked roads, snow, unrest, landslides, cancellation of flights, floods, delayed arrival of clients, sickness or accidents. Furthermore, any extracosts incurred thereof must be paid immediately by the client. We assume no responsibility for changes in the printed itinerary and its duration, transport methods, loss of luggage or belongings, or changes of hotel. Insurance against accidents,injuries, sickness, evacuation (in case of need), or trip cancellation is not included in the cost. Clients Travel in Tibet at their own risk. We recommended highly that clients carry their own insurance that covers such incidents from their home country. Clients must sign a declaration form accepting all of the above conditions when they book their tour.

Average Temperature, Rainfall & Sunshine Hours in the Lhasa Area

Month Temperature in Degree Celcius Rainfall in mm Sunshine Hours
January +9 to -13 0.2 251
February +10 to -12 0.5 226
March +13 to -5 2 241
April +16 to +1 5 244
May +20 to +5 25 284
June +25 to +9 77 227
July +26 to +10 129 224
August +27 to +9 138 221
September +21 to +8 56 238
October +17 to +1 8 285
November +12 to -7 2 271
December +8 to -13 0.5 261

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